Saturday, May 15, 2010

ECO-Bag Design Competition

I recently just got this brief about Eco Bag Design competition and I thought your class might be interested to do it. Look through the details:


Eco-Bag Design

Artwork submission:
A3 size print works ( Front & Back design) + A4 size of written rationale (about 100 words)

Design requirement:
Creative and Interesting Visual
No color limitation
Run wild and playful design (make use of the space / the shape of the bag – as sample work in the attachment)
Both side printing (Front & Back view)

1st – RM1000 + certificate
2nd – RM 700 + certificate
3rd – RM 300 + certificate

24th May 2010, 2pm (AD & GD Department, Green Door – Artwork submit to Sarryan, Chow Ping or Debbie)

This competition is organized by Sunway Pyramid. You can join in as individual or group. All you have to do is to apply your design on the template given, print it out with a written rationale and submit it to the lecturers in AD Dept. Maybe you still can use back your designs that you’ve done in Visual Communication class? Do get back to me and please help to spread out this news to your fellow classmates as I don’t have their contact. Thanks ya!

I’ve attached the bag template in AI format.


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